About Us

Shree Ayu Care has blossomed under the guidance of creative visionary and beauty care pioneer Ayurvedic Dr. Mita Biren Bhatt. Her interest in Ayurved integrates with cosmetology and offers us with a varied range of hair and skin care products. Adopting beauty products with natural ingredients is what separates her company from others. She fiercely believes that Ayurved should guide the pillars of the beauty industry.


Shree Ayu Care was formed in 1999 in Ahmedabad. It is Government FDA Approved Cosmetics Manufacturing Company. We have eventually given birth to three brands namely, ‘Mela Metrix’, ‘Fairy’s Herbal' and ‘Yaga’.


Shree Ayu Care had initially targeted offline marketing. But with time and new age, we are all set to spread our wing in the digital era. The company has launched its online web-store.


Shree Ayu Care offers Third-Party Manufacturing services. We have developed adequate infrastructure and resources to provide the necessary materials. This enables us to manufacture third-party production under their respective Private Label. It opens the scope for the third-party since the need for infrastructure is fulfilled by us.


The company that began on a small scale production has grown into a full-fledged one catering needs in its hometown and increasing the boundaries. It has its hold in the Indian market. It has spread its roots globally by exporting products internationally. Today, we have crossovers from across the world.